Are we still open?

Yes! Fortunately for us, Christmas has not been put on hold 

Can we do delivery?

Yes, we deliver within a 20 mile radius of the store, which can be arranged in store or after online purchase about preferred times and and dates. If you do choose to purchase online, you will be contacted as soon as possible, normally 2-3 days. 

Are dogs allowed in the store?

As long as your furry friend is well-behaved, willing to use indoor voices as to not scare the reindeer and their paws are nice and clean then they're truly welcome! 

When are trees available for purchase?

We have our potted trees in already and a small selection of cut trees for those celebrating an early Christmas.

Out Fir varieties will be available from Friday 27th November.

Our Spruce varieties and Fresh Mistletoe will be available from Friday 4th December. 

Can you feed our reindeer Bonnie and Tiny Tim?

Sadly we have been advised to not let members of the public feed Bonnie and Tiny Tim this year as they are also susceptible to the virus and we are aiming to keep them as safe as possible. Hopefully you'll be able to feed them next year!

Where can you contact us?

If you have any enquires you can reach us through our email, For more information please visit our Contact Us page.

Are we selling refreshments this year?

For the time being we will not be selling any refreshments this year but hope to carry on next Christmas.

Do we have social media?

We certainly do! You can find us on:

Instagram: @appleton_christmas_barn

Facebook: @AppletonChristmasBarn